How to turn long flights and turn them into a healthy travelling experience

Love them or hate them, long flights are an onslaught on our bodies. Mental stress (anxiety and fear due to flying, upset circadian rhythm), physical stresses (low moisture and oxygen levels in the air, forced immobilisation, sleep deprivation), environmental stresses (confined space, noise and unnatural lighting, viral and bacterial transmission) and social stresses (sitting very close to people you don’t know) all play a part during flying. All in all, long flights are by no means a healthy and enjoyable experience. And how can we prepare our bodies and minds for this 30,000 feet beating and optimize the airline branding experience?


‘Better in, better out’

The better passengers are prepared both mentally and physically the healthier and happier they will be when they reach their destination. Supporting and simulating the ‘health state’ of passengers before, during and after the flight creates a feeling of comfort, satisfaction and wellbeing.


Persuasive design and supportive technology

Smartphones are powerful and highly personal devices. They give access to the world around us. Up till recently airlines have not embraced mobile devices as being an integral part of the flight experience. With more and more planes being fitted with wifi, the skies are opening up to the opportunity of dedicated apps to support a more engaging and immersive flying experience.


Taking your health to the skies

The UpLift concept is a smartphone app that supports and enhances the physical and mental well-being of passengers during long flights through gameful design, physical and mindfulness exercises, visually engaging information and on in-flight online community. Oh, and did we forgot to mention a totally awesome Virtual Reality experience! Who ever said flying was dull and a strain?